Daghigh Farayand Control Company 

Daghigh Farayand Control engineering company

Nuova Fima pressure and temperature measuring equipment, and the official representative of VEELOK fittings and hydraulics in the Middle East.

In the field of equipment supply, Daghigh Farayand Control Company is currently a direct supplier to large companies from Europe, America, and Asia despite sanctions.

One of the strengths of this company is,

-Having a large inventory of these items in bulk for prompt project delivery.

-attendance in the most reliable Vendor List of industrial, refining, and petrochemical companies and other industries.

Daghigh Farayand Control Company (D.F.C.) announces its willingness to immediately cooperate with your company in procuring equipment for upstream and downstream industries.

  • Design, and renovation of production lines and industrial automation
  • Supply of measurement systems, flow rate, pressure, and temperature
  • Convert analog to digital systems
  • Preparation of basic engineering plans for instrumentation projects